Saturday, September 4, 2010

Friends and Family, please tell me about YOUR blog!

If you have a blog, or know of a blog that you think I would be interested in, PLEASE feel free to leave the info in my comments and I will eventually fit them all into a new list and post. I will probably subscribe to them as well, and I think you could check out the links people leave. And of course subscribe to me as well, and come back and check often to see whats new.


  1. just showing some love (;
    would be nice if you can list my blog on your blog of blogs .

  2. Clever idea :) I'd appreciate it if you could add mine, I update frequently with videos I think the community will enjoy! <3

  3. And everyone can follow this one too:

    I always check everyones blogs daily, and I hope you remember to as well.

  4. Add mine also, i'm really active and check out all my followers each morning <3

  5. My blogs about hip-hop music, come take a look

  6. showing some love

    follow me :)